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Email to learn more and get started.
Email to learn more and get started.

Ring X Line

Let the pros lenda hand.

Designed to fit your home and needs.

Designed to fit
your home and needs.

Meet X Line – the all-in-one package to build your personalized home security system with help from a professional installer1. Each premium bundle includes a Ring Doorbell or Security Cam, a Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan2 and a 3-year limited warranty. Plus, add more Ring devices anytime to create a system that’s uniquely yours.3

  • Personalized Experience

    Your installer will recommend and install Ring devices based on your preferences.

  • Lifetime1 Video Recording

    Review, save and share videos with the included Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan1.

  • 3-Year Device Warranty

    Enjoy a warranty for your device to cover repairs or replacements.

  • Dedicated Tech Support

    From setup to customization, we’re always here to help.

Take the stress out of setup.

Take the stress out
of setup.

Schedule an in-home consultation with a trusted security expert to find out which products are right for you. They’ll even customize your system in the Ring App to get everything working better together. Simply send us an email to connect with a pro installer in your area, or find a trusted distributor below.

Meet the X Line featured bundles.

Each premium bundle features a Ring video doorbell or security camera and exclusive benefits.

  • Video Doorbell 3 Plus X

    Video Doorbell 3 Plus X


    Our next-generation doorbell upgraded with additional security features for any home.

  • Video Doorbell Elite X

    Video Doorbell Elite X


    A professional-grade, flush-mount smart doorbell hardwired with Power over Ethernet. Select your faceplate color of choice.

  • Video Doorbell Elite X + Access Controller Pro (Cellular)

    Video Doorbell Elite X with Access Controller Pro Cellular


    See, hear and speak to visitors. Select your faceplate color of choice. Then unlock your gate for trusted guests from the Ring app anytime, anywhere.

  • Video Doorbell Pro X

    Video Doorbell Pro X


    Advanced security powered by a nonstop wired charge.

  • Stick Up Cam Elite X

    Stick Up Cam Elite X


    Get nonstop power and a reliable connection with Power over Ethernet, indoors or out.

  • Flodlight Cam X

    Floodlight Cam X


    Hardwired security camera with two LED floodlights and a siren.

  • Spotlight Cam Wired X

    Spotlight Cam Wired X


    Plug-in outdoor security camera with LED spotlights and a siren.

  • Spotlight Cam Mount X

    Spotlight Cam Mount X


    Hardwired outdoor security camera with LED spotlights and a siren.

Open gates on the go.

Open gates on
the go.

Enhance your existing, compatible electrical access control system with Access Controller Pro – an advanced entry solution with built-in cellular, perfect for gated single-family homes or small multi-tenant apartments. Connect with the included Ring Video Doorbell Elite X to control your gate in the Ring app and see, hear and speak to visitors from Live View.

We work with trusted distributors.

For installers looking to offer the X Line, please contact your local distributor, or connect with Wave Electronics or ADI Global Distribution.

See the X Line difference.

I am moving into a new home soon and my installer John did a great job installing and explaining everything to me. I am able to see contractors and inspectors coming and going from my house from my hotel room. That is very cool!
Meg H., Customer
The product has been a hit with the homeowners who already purchased in the community. So far, we are very satisfied with the performance of your product and the value it provides.
Dan M., Real Estate Developer
I had my Ring cameras and doorbell in Charlottesville, VA installed by Arcane and they are magnificent and work beautifully.
Caroline Y., Customer
My install team was knowledgeable, listened, and made sure we understood all the features, benefits, and how to use the app prior to leaving. I would highly recommend them!
Jimmy K., Customer

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