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Professional Monitoringfor Ring Alarm

Always on call.
Always on your side.

  • Protection when you need it most.

Protection when you need it most.

Get the most out of Ring Alarm with professional monitoring from Ring Protect Plus. If your Ring Alarm detects a security issue or if you press the Ring Panic Button, help is just a phone call away. Our monitoring team is always here to send emergency services whenever you need it most.

24/7 protection in case of
Break-Ins and Burglaries
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide1
Floods and Freezing Temperatures2

How it works.

  • Your Ring Alarm detects an issue.

    Your Ring Alarm detects an issue.
    You’ll receive notifications on your phone and tablet when your Ring Contact Sensor, Motion Detector or Smoke and CO Listener is triggered, so you’ll be the first to know something’s wrong at home.

  • We’ll make sure you’re safe.

    We’ll make sure you’re safe.
    Our team will be alerted as soon as your Ring Alarm detects a security issue, and we’ll give you a call from our dedicated support line to see if you need us to dispatch emergency assistance.

  • Help will be on the way.

    Help will be on the way.
    If you give the go-ahead or can’t answer, police will be on the way3. And we’ll automatically dispatch fire departments to keep you safe during every carbon monoxide emergency.

  • A call away from safety.

A call awayfrom safety.

After Ring Alarm detected an intruder at Vicki’s home, a call from our response team was her only link to safety. We’ll never know what would’ve happened without that phone call, but as Vicki said, “the Ring Alarm system saved my life.”

  • The false alarm that wasn’t.

The false alarmthat wasn’t.

Anthony told our response team that his carbon-monoxide alert was a false alarm, but help was already on the way. If he waited any longer, Anthony might not be able to share his story with us today.

Notes from our neighbors.

Ultimately, this is a great system - totally unbeatable for the price. It enables those of less means to have access to the security systems and monitoring that only well-to-do home owners could afford before.
I calculated what the cost difference would be between the two systems and RING won, hands down! The first year I save about $350, I subtracted the amount of the equipment. But every year after I save $650!
One of the best features of the Ring system is the cellular back up with the $10 a month plan. I live out in the country where my phone and internet go out quite often. The cellular back up solves this problem.
I live in an area that suffers power outages every winter, so the battery and cellular backup that kick in during those times make professional monitoring a must have for me.
-Amazon Customer
In my opinion, the cellular back up is worth the $10 alone. It gives you peace of mind knowing if something happens, the monitoring center will dispatch law enforcement.
Their professional monitoring comes in $50 a month cheaper than our previous alarm system and it’s just as reliable and one of the big competitors.
If you’re looking for home security without paying an arm and a leg for installation and monitoring, this system is for you. It’s easy to install and completely customizable.
The low cost of monitoring compared to ADT would have been worth it alone, but so far I really like the system and the ability to easily expand it with other components.
I just spent the past weekend converting our home security from an old and expensive monitored security system to Ring. The price of the monitoring is dirt cheap compared to what we had paid before.
The cost of the Ring system and year of monitoring was less than six months of monitoring from ADT.

Safety in numbers.
Security in an instant.

Protect your home with an award-winning team committed to your safety. We’ve partnered with Rapid Response to provide nonstop support in all 50 states, so help is always at your side.4

  • 50
    National Coverage
  • 30
    Average Call Response Time
  • 24
    Emergency Support

Save big with Ring.

Activate professional monitoring with a Ring Protect Plus subscription to get
a lot more for a lot less. Pay only $10 a month or $100 a year, and watch your savings grow overtime.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

*Savings calculated by comparing the $100/year Ring Protect Plus subscription fee with a standard $599/year subscription fee.

  • A call away from safety.

More than just professional monitoring.

Stay online with cellular backup for Ring Alarm.

Link to your devices to enjoy video recording for unlimited Ring doorbells and cameras at home.
Extend your home security with 10% off purchases at Ring.com5.
Never worry about a long-term contract: Sign up today, cancel anytime.

The new kit
on the block.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsStill Have Questions?

Is professional monitoring available in my area?

Ring Alarm and professional monitoring is currently available in the U.S. (all 50 states, excluding American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Can I use Ring Alarm without professional monitoring?

Yes. Without professional monitoring, you can still choose to receive mobile and email notifications whenever Ring Alarm detects a security threat at your home, so you can self-monitor your property from anywhere. However, Ring Alarm will not be able to send a signal to our monitoring center for emergency services without a subscription to Ring Protect Plus with professional monitoring.

Can I try professional monitoring before I subscribe?

Yes. Every Ring Alarm comes with a free 30-day trial of the Ring Protect Plus Plan. In addition to 24/7 professional monitoring, Ring Protect also gives you cellular backup, video recording for an unlimited amount of Ring doorbells and cameras at your home, plus 10% off select purchases at

You’ll also have a 7-Day Practice Mode that allows you and your family to practice using your Ring Alarm. During Practice Mode, you can arm and disarm your system with the app and Keypad, adjust entry and exit delays, and customize your motion detector settings without worrying about accidentally dispatching emergency services. You’ll receive an automated call whenever your Ring Alarm is triggered during your Practice Mode, so you can choose to dismiss the issue as a false alarm or talk to a live person who can dispatch emergency services if needed.

After your 7-Day Practice Mode, you will automatically be moved to professional monitoring. After being moved to professional monitoring, you will begin to receive live calls and have emergency responders dispatched if needed.

To learn more, see this article .

Do I have to worry about any extra fees?

Your jurisdiction may charge you extra fees to obtain a permit for professional monitoring. If Ring is responsible for obtaining the permit for professional monitoring on your behalf, we will charge the credit card we have on file to cover the fee for your permit. Be sure to check with your jurisdiction to learn about local rules regarding professional monitoring.

Your 7-Day Practice Mode should help you learn how to prevent false alarms, but if a false alarm does occur, your jurisdiction may charge you a fine. Some jurisdictions will assess the fine directly to you, while others will charge Ring for the fine. Ring will cover the full cost of the fine for your first false alarm, but you’ll be responsible to pay any fine you incur after that. If Ring is responsible for paying the fine for a false alarm, we will charge the credit card we have on file to cover the fee for your fine. For tips on preventing false alarms, see this article .

If you live in a jurisdiction with an alarm verification policy, and you’ve opted-in to “Guard Response,” you may also be charged for the cost of the guard service if dispatched. To learn more about Guard Response, see this article .

How do I sign up for professional monitoring?

Professional monitoring is included in the Ring Protect Plus Plan. In addition to 24/7 professional monitoring, Ring Protect Plus also gives you cellular backup, video recording for an unlimited amount of Ring doorbells and cameras at your home, plus 10% off select purchases at You must have a Ring device already set up in your account to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plus Plan.

Tap here to subscribe to Ring Protect Plus and professional monitoring.

What are the terms of the 10% discount?

Go here to find a list of all the products eligible for the Ring Protect Plus discount. Here are the full terms of the discount:
1. The discount only applies to neighbors with a Ring Protect Plus subscription at the time of purchase.
2. It does not apply retroactively, meaning you can’t buy a device, then subscribe to Ring Protect Plus.
3. The discount cannot be combined with other offers, including limited time offers.
4. The discount is not transferable.
5. It cannot be applied to Ring Assist+ or non-Ring products.
6. You cannot subscribe to a Ring Protect Plus Plan and use the 10% discount in the same transaction.
7. You must be logged into your account to use the discount at during checkout.
8. The discount applies upon the next login session from purchase. To use the discount immediately, log out of your account and log back in.
9. The discount will not be applied when you’re on the free trial unless you subscribe to Ring Protect Plus during your trial.
10. Your purchased plan begins after your free trial ends.