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Package thieves,
think again.
Every day is Package Protection Day for Ring, but on November 28, it’s official. Neighbors everywhere trust Ring to watch over their property and stay connected to their community. Here are just a few of their stories.
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Your community on
the lookout.
It takes a community to put an end to package theft, so we put your community in your hands. See how the Neighbors App helped these homeowners come together to take a stand against local crime.Watch video

A Neighbors App
success story.

An Orlando family shared an alert about a local package thief. Fifteen minutes later, the suspect was in custody.

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Newark’s new
neighborhood watch.

Joy had a package stolen from her porch, but thanks to Ring and local law enforcement, the thief didn’t get far.

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Safety starts in your Neighborhood.

Power in the community.

Ring is more than doorbells and cameras. It’s a community of citizens committed to safer neighborhoods. That’s why we created the Neighbors App, the new neighborhood watch.

Power in knowledge.

The Neighbors App lets you receive real-time crime notifications from your neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring News Team. You’ll get a localized feed and a bird’s eye view of all the activity in your area, so you and your community can stay one step ahead of crime.

Power in numbers.

The more people involved in your neighborhood watch, the safer our neighborhoods become. Ring connects citizens with each other and local law enforcement to make a true impact on your community.

Security delivered by Ring.

Protect what's yours with a Ring of Security around your home.
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