Making Neighborhoods Safer Together

Ring and National Night Out have joined forces to promote their shared mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods. Come together as a community to meet your neighbors, connect with local law enforcement and enjoy special events like parades, cookouts, seminars and more. Together, we can make our neighborhoods safer for everyone!

What is NNO?

National Night Out is an annual event that connects residents with local law enforcement to help promote neighborhood safety and crime-prevention. NNO fosters a deeper sense of community by bringing together neighbors and local police for a day of fun and friendship.

Why Has Ring Partnered With NNO?

Our shared commitment to reducing crime in neighborhoods makes our partnership the perfect match! This year, Ring is introducing a new tool to the NNO community that helps them share real-time crime alerts with neighbors and local law enforcement: The all-new Neighbors App. By connecting residents with their community and local police, we can all stay one step ahead of crime.

How Do I Get Involved?

NNO is always looking for more attendees, volunteers and sponsors! And we're always looking for Neighbors to help us get the word out. Enter your contact information below to learn how you can help us make this year's NNO the best yet!

Help Us Reduce Local Crime

Follow these simple tips to protect your home and make your community a safer place.

Security Tip#1

Know What's Happening With Neighbors

Your Neighbors can be your first line of defense. In fact, our study found that 45% of homeowners prevent neighborhood crime by having a neighborhood watch. *The Neighbors App is the new neighborhood watch. Use it to share crime and safety alerts with your community to keep everyone on the lookout.

*Study conducted in 2017 by Ring. Learn more here

Security Tip#2

Protect Your Home With Smart Security

Want to see what's happening at home? New technology is making home security accessible to everyone. Add smart security cameras around your home to monitor your property, and share videos with neighbors and local police if you catch something suspicious.

Security Tip #3

Stay Connected Through Social Media

Trying to stay up-to-date on local issues? Many communities have social media pages that highlight crime and safety issues in your area. Join and become active in these online communities or make one of your own if you need to.